Elton and Taron sing Rocket at Cannes Film Festival...


Elton John and his lyricist,Bernie Taupin, were in the South of France Thursday for the premiere of Elton's bio-pic,Rocketman, at the Cannes Film Festival.

Also sobbing was actorTaron Egerton, who portrayed Elton as he was overcome with the four-minute standing ovation the film received after the screening.

The excitement didn't end there. Elton later performed "I'm Still Standing" at the piano during the after-party on Carlton Beach, the same place where the video for the song was shot in 1983.

Then, Egerton joined Elton on stage for a performance of "Rocketman." According to Variety, Elton said, "When I watch the movie, I don't see an actor. I see myself. And that is an extraordinary thing for an actor to do. He has given a million percent of him in this performance."


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