Brian May makes a pilgrimage to Freddie Mercury's Childhood home...


Brian May Makes “Pilgrimage” to Freddie Mercury’s Childhood Home

June 13, 2019

Queen guitarist Brian Mayis learning a little bit more about the band’s late front man Freddie Mercury. May shared on social media that he was in Zanzibar on a “pilgrimage” through Freddie’s early life. 

May visited Freddie’s first home, as well as his childhood school. “At Freddie’s school,” he shared. “Under guidance from Freddie’s lovely sister Kashmira and Abdul, our excellent Zanzibarian guide, we managed to retrace many of Freddie’s childhood steps. Nice to share with you folks.”

Later he shared pictures from outside what used to be Freddie’s childhood home, but is now the Tembo House Hotel, which is also known as Freddie Mercury House.

  • May also shared a childhood photo of Freddie, noting, “We’ve enjoyed spending the day with this little boy in our minds. A small boy with big dreams. A young man who became a brother to Roger and John and me for 22 years," adding, "A shy boy with whom we shared an impossible vision of making music that would change the world.”Check out the photos below.



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