Queen's Brian May, noodling around at Rehearsal!


QueenandAdam Lambertgot together in London today (Wednesday) to start rehearsals for their tour, which starts on July 10th in Vancouver, Canada.

Queen 0619 SC_0.jpg

Posting after they'd finished for the day,Brian May says, "I’m still alive - a little battle-scarred but but still squaring up for another round. There are half a million folks out there who have bought tickets for the upcoming tours - and they deserve to see nothin’ but the best. Only complete positivity will make that happen. And a lot of honest hard work! We have a completely new production that we’ve been working on for at least five months - so this is a very exciting moment."

Following the music rehearsals this week, the band will head to Los Angeles for a full production run through.


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