Alan Parsons Project: One Note Symphony tribute to NASA!


Alan Parsons salutes the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon with his latest work.

Last month, his Alan Parsons Live Project teamed up with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra for a pair of shows in Tel Aviv. Captured on video, they form the basis for Parsons' latest audio-visual exploration, "One Note Symphony." The recording is enhanced by breathtaking visuals taken from the upcoming sci-fi film The Shipment, along with vintage Apollo footage provided by NASA.

"One Note Symphony" is taken from Alan Parsons’ new album The Secret.

The Alan Parsons Live Project will perform tomorrow (Saturday) at the Cocoa Riverfront Park in Cocoa, Florida, not far from the Kennedy Space Center.Rick Armstrong, whose father Neil was the first man to stand on the lunar surface, is scheduled to be in attendance. 


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