Billboard Magazine is "Fishing For Answers" from Billy Joel...


Billy Joel is featured in this week’s “Billboard” magazine, and in a “Fishing For Answers” video for the mag he reveals some interesting info. 

For example, Billy says his favorite song to play live is “You May Be Right,” and admits that “Piano Man” is the one song he can never not play. But when asked what lyric means he most to him, he had a hard time deciding.

“They all mean a lot to me, 'cause they were all a pain in the a** to write,” he shares. “Depends on what day it is. Right now I would say ‘Summer, Highland Falls.’ Tomorrow it'll probably be something different.”

And when he was asked what artists living or dead he’d like to have join him on stage, Billy says it’s Jimi Hendrix, noting, “I would just sit back and shut the f**k up.” As for whether he has a favorite emerging artist, Billy responds, “I don’ have a f***ing clue.”Check out the video to the right.



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