The Stones Played 'Harlem Shuffle' Live For First Time In Nearly 30 Years

The Rolling Stones continued their #NoFilterTour last night at MetLife Stadium in New York, and four songs into their set Mick Jagger did his thing asking where the crowd has traveled from? “Has anyone crossed two rivers to get here tonight? Anybody here from Queens? Anyone from Manhattan? Westchester? Staten Island? The Bronx? Hartford? Anyone here from New Jersey? We’re going to do a song sort of locally, vaguely, based. It’s called "Harlem Shuffle"" What makes it special is the fact they hadn’t done it live since August 25th, 1990 at London’s Wembley Stadium. Jagger continued.. “We haven’t done it for ages,” Jagger told the crowd at MetLife. “Be forgiving if you can.” Check out the video below.



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