10 Years Ago Today, Paul McCartney Brought First Rock Show To Jerryworld

It was on this day in 2009, (August 19) when Paul McCartney brought the first true rock show to then called "Cowboys Stadium" now "AT&T Stadium" or as most of us know it "Jerryworld" Sir Paul rocked through a 33-song set that included many of his Beatles' and Wings' faves. I was there in the single seat I purchased on the 30th row, center floor. It was the first time I had ever seen Paul in concert and it was life-changing. When he reminisced about George and Paul it brought me to tears. The pyro during "Live And Let Die" was breathtaking, and when he wrapped with the "Sgt Pepper reprise" into "The End" it was the perfect ending to a perfect night.

Thanks to YouTuber you can watch the entire show below.



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