40 Years Ago Today, Led Zeppelin Played Final UK Show With John Bonham

It was on this day in 1979, when Led Zeppelin performed the 2nd of 2 weekend shows at the Knebworth Festival in England. The band had not performed live for two years since the death of Robert Plant's son Karac during the band's 1977 North American Tour, and they had not performed in the UK for four years. According to lore, the band's fee for performing was reportedly the largest ever paid to one single act at that time. These were amongst the largest crowds Led Zeppelin had ever performed in front of. For many in attendance it was their first time seeing Zeppelin perform live.

It would also be the band's final UK show with John Bonham, who would die just over a year later, in September of 1980.

Check out the entire concert below.



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