On This Day In 1965 The Beatles Played Shea Stadium

It was on this day in 1965 when The Beatles performed their record-breaking first performance at New York's Shea Stadium. It was watched by 55,600 fans, and marked the beginning of the group's second full US concert tour. The concert set a world record for attendance figures, and also for gross revenue. The Beatles pocketed $160,000 of the $304,000 box office takings. The event was promoted by Sid Bernstein, and 2,000 security personnel were enlisted to handle crowd control. The Beatles had hoped to land on the field by helicopter, but the idea was blocked by the New York City authorities. They travelled by limousine from the Warwick Hotel to a heliport, from where they were flown in a New York Airways Boeing helicopter, over New York City, to the roof of the World's Fair building in Queens. From there they boarded a Wells Fargo armored van, where they were each given a Wells Fargo agent badge, and were driven to the stadium. The Beatles ran onto the field and took to the stage at 9.16pm, to a barrage of deafening screams. Despite new 100-watt amplifiers especially designed for the group by Vox, they were insufficiently loud and The Beatles instead used the in-house PA system.



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