First Look! Johnny Flynn As David Bowie In 'Stardust'


Last year we heard rumors of a new David Bowie movie in the works, and at the time Bowie's son Duncan Jones poo-poo'd the idea, tweeting that "nobody had been granted music rights for any biopic." Well, turns out the movie is now in production. It's called Stardust and today we got our first look at actor Johnny Flynn, pretty convincing in the starring role as young Bowie. (above) The Instagram post comes courtesy of one of the movie's producers, Paul Van Carter. The film tells the story of Bowie's 1971 U.S. tour that led to the birth of his Ziggy Stardust character. Jena Malone plays Angie, David Bowie's first wife. Marc Maron stars as his publicist.


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