New Music Alert; Sammy Hagar and the Circle - "No Worries"


Sammy Hagar, in an interview with Forbesmagazine, says his favorite performer is Bruce Springsteen.

Sammy says, "He's gotten his respect and he's made it, so now he can be an artist... I watched Springsteen on Broadway [on Netflix] and it was just, 'This guy's a genius. He's better than everyone.' He's so damn believable and he's sitting there telling you he's full of [crap]. He's telling you he's never been in the factory. He's writing about stuff he's never done and he's good enough to even say that and you're gonna go, 'Yep, you are that good...' The only thing I gotta dog him on is he's too serious. If I was hanging around Bruce, I'd say, 'Smile a little bit, come on, have some fun. Let's go hit the beach, have a couple of cocktails, eat some tacos.'

"I love the guy. I saw the Born to Run tour, two nights in Berkeley, changed my life. 'When I grow up I want to be that guy.' And I'm older than him, but I'm sitting there going, 'This guy is all grown up, he gets it, he knows who he is.' He's a prime example of what you can do if you have made it over that hump."

Sammy just released a fourth video from Space Between, his latest album with The Circle. "No Worries" is part of a feature-length film he created with Z.Z. Satriani, son of his Chickenfoot bandmate Joe Satriani.

Keen as he was to make the film, Hagar says, "I don't know what to do with it. There's no market for it. I would like to take it around to film festivals, but I don't have time. Maybe next year. It's just really hard to get any traction with anything unusual today cause there is no machine. There is no [Atlantic Records chief] Ahmet Ertegun saying, 'Put the hammer down, this is going to happen, we're gonna make this go.'"


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