Chuck Rainey finally gets RESPECT from new Aretha Franklin movie!!

One Of The Nicest And Most Humble People I Know!! Got A Chance To Break Bread With Chuck Rainey Last Weekend. We've Both Being Flying All Over The Place And I Finally Got A Chance To Sit Down And Rap With A Old Friend Before He Flew To LA Monday Morning To Lay Down A Groove!!You Have To Realize This Man Was In High Demand Back When Jamerson,Jerry Jemmott(James Browns Bassist) ,John Paul Jones And Duck Dunn Were Taking It Home. He Has No Problem Getting Work. The Man Has Great Chops And Also Full Of Great Advise On The Biz! This Is The Bassplayer On 'Sanford And Sons Theme,The Rockford Files,Dancing Machine By The Jacksons,Peg By Steely Dan And Tons Of Other Hits And One Of My Favorites From Aretha In 1977!!

There is a Aretha Franklin movie being shot right now and Chuck gets some proper RESPECT for all he's done with music over the years...


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