You Can Bid on Geddy Lee's guitars...

Bid on Geddy Lee's Guitars

Geddy Lee is parting with some of his prized guitar collection. The former Rush member and prolific bassist has teamed up with Mecum Auctions to offer fans six classic guitars in a Las Vegas-based auction running from October 10th to 12th.

After Rush’s final tour in 2015, Lee says that his interest in collecting classic guitars began. He wanted to collect a dozen or so to pay tribute to his personal music heroes, but eventually some of the guitars started collecting dust. So, he wants to “reunite a few of his finest string instruments with talented musicians around the world who can help these works of art fulfill their original and intended purpose of making art.”Here are the electric guitars on the auction block:

  • 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard – the “holy grail.”
  • 1960 Gibson ES-345
  • 1955 Fender Stratocaster
  • 1960 Gibson ES-355
  • 1965 Gibson ES-335
  • 1967 Gibson Flying V

Get a closer look at each item and find out more about the auction HERE.


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