On This Day In 1977 Billy Joel Became 'The Stranger'

Talk about the soundtrack of my junior high school.... Released on September 29, 1977, by Columbia Records, The Stranger became Billy Joel's true critical and commercial breakthrough, spending six weeks at number 2 on the US albums chart. Considered his magnum opus, it remains his best-selling non-compilation album to date. Classic tracks, all of them, start to finish...  "Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)," "The Stranger," "Just The Way You Are," "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant," "Vienna," "Only the Good Die Young," "She’s Always a Woman," "Get It Right The First Time," "Everybody Has A Dream."

If you haven't spent time with The Stranger lately, well do yourself a favor and commemorate the 42nd anniversary with some classic performances (below) including another visit to Mama Leoni's



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