Referee Gets Shot in the Head with a Cannon!


Referee Shot In The Head By Cannon During College Football Game

Any football fan will tell you there have been moments where you just want to shoot an official.

And for you die hards—we offer this simple pleasure.

Video footage of not just a referee getting shot in the head—but getting shot in the head by a cannon

Okay, it sounds worse—or better, depending on how dark your sense of humor—than it is.

Because this official was shot in the head by a cannon.

Watch on the right side of the frame, as an official working Maine Maritime Academy’s homecoming Saturday against Massachusetts Maritime Academy is taken out by a cannon.

Now the cannon wasn’t regulation size (nor was it loaded with a cannonball) or else this would be in a police report. Nor did it end in a decapitation, or else it would be on live-leak.

A Maine Maritime alumnus brought his own cannon to the game in order to keep up the tradition of firing off a blast for every touchdown. As college football traditions go, this one’s pretty widespread. However, cannons are usually loaded with blank shells. This one was loaded with black powder and “a substance that he had made into a wad.” That’s what hit the ref in the head.

The referee was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office will investigate the matter, and the school said in a statement that it would no longer allow random alumni to bring cannons to home football games, which seems reasonable.


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