Steve Miller; More from the Vault - Alternate version "Fly Like and Eagle"


STEVE MILLER: This Joker Is Not Joking

Steve Miller credits the current management of Universal Music and his current wife for the 52-song box set,Welcome to the Vault, that will be out Friday. 

Asked by The Washington Postwhy it took so long to release a career-spanning box, Miller accused the former head of Capitol Records,Gary Gersh, for standing in the way. Miller called him “just a little gangster” and a lot worse. Miller says he hoped they never ran into each other. “I was afraid I was going to see him and beat him to a pulp — because I would’ve, if I had seen him.”

Perhaps Miller has forgotten the 64-track box set covering his work in the '60s and '70s and '80s that Capitol released in 1994, while Gersh was running the label.

His fourth wife,Janice Ginsberg Miller, was instrumental in putting the collection together. She compiled a list of close to 800 songs, along with video footage and presented it to her husband.

She says, “I would play him ‘Crossroads’ from 1973 and he liked it. Then I showed him Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert and that was one of his favorite performances... And so all of a sudden you’re curating the story with the artist, not of the artist after they’re gone."

Ahead of Friday's release of Welcome to the Vault, Miller is streaming an alternate version of "Fly Like an Eagle."


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