On This Day in 1977, Aerosmith's 'Cherry Bomb' Incident

Dallas Cowboys fans know all-to-well how nasty fans in Philadelphia can be. But a rock concert?

Steven Tyler learned the hard way when Aerosmith performed in Philadelphia on October 10, 1977 for their “Aerosmith Express Tour” in support of Draw the Line. He and Joe Perry were getting ready for the next song when a cherry bomb went off. The incident reportedly burned Tyler’s cornea, ruptured an artery in Perry’s hand and forced the band off the road for a while. When Aerosmith finally decided to return to the so-called City of Brotherly Love a year later, Tyler was once again injured onstage. Someone threw a beer bottle from the balcony and when It hit the stage it exploded, sending shards of glass into Steven’s face.  



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