Good Samaritan Twarts a Train Robbery, by taking the dudes' gun!


Jean Paul LaPierre was in Chicago to run the Chicago Marathon, but he ended up being a hero to passengers on a train after a guy with a gun was robbing people on it. As marathoners rushed off the train, he headed back on and confronted the robber, taking his gun and not letting him go.

A frightened passenger on the train caught the whole thing on video. It shows 54-year-old LaPierre yelling at the robber, telling him, “I’m a boxer, I’ll break your head in one punch.” He held the man off until police arrived and they have now charged a suspect with robbery with a firearm and he went on to run the marathon.

A marathon runner who had been threatened by the robber says she’s thankful LaPierre was there to help, adding, “It was incredible to see because everyone else just sat there frozen.”



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