When Your New Tires Flunk the Test...

The Full Story:

A man who just bought brand new tires for his pickup truck thought it would be a great idea if he gave those bad boys a test spin in a gas station parking lot. The tires worked just fine, however, the man's truck didn't.

The 24-year-old man, William Edmonds, was a regular at this particular gas station convenience store and had just bought some beer moments before he got in his truck and decided to give his new tires a test spin. 

William started to hit the gas while his foot was on the brake in order to spin his tires 180 degrees. The only problem is he didn't execute the maneuver and instead accelerated into the gas pump island and crashed into the convenience store attached to the station.

Thankfully nobody was in the store at the time and there were no injuries. Surveillance cameras caught the entire incident and William can be seen getting out of the truck and trying to take the license plate off the vehicle before running away from the scene.

Police caught him a short while later and charges are pending. 


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