Popeye's Chicken Sandwich is Back... This Sunday! While jabbin' Chick-Fil-A


We recently told youthat Popeyes confirmed that THE chicken sandwich would be making a comeback soon and now we have all the details. Their sold-out sandwich that caused ridiculously long lines and mass hysteria is returning to restaurants this Sunday, November 3rd - which happens to be National Sandwich Day.

Sunday may seem like a surprising day for the return of the in-demand sandwich, but it’s Popeyes way to throw a little shade at that other chicken chain, you know, the one that’s closed on Sundays.

To promote the event, Popeyes created this videothat pokes fun at Chick-fil-A, their biggest competition in the The Chicken Sandwich Wars. Let’s just hope Popeyes is prepared this time and doesn’t run out of them after a couple weeks again.

Source:The Daily Meal


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