Naked Bikini leaves some wondering; "Where's the Suit?"


“Naked Bikini” leaves some wondering where’s the suit:Bathing suits these days seem to be getting skimpier and skimpier, but the latest suit creation may have taken things a bit too far. Swimwear brand Minimale Animale has teamed with Australian model Tammy Hembrow to create a line of barely there bathing suits, including what’s being dubbed a “naked bikini” and folks have been left perplexed. From the front it looks like an average teenie, tiny bikini, but the back is basically just a bunch of interwoven straps. Seriously, there’s even a string that basically just goes up a person’s butt crack. If that’s not outrageous enough, it sells for over $90, and, for obvious reasons, can’t be returned. Check out the bikini here. Source:The Sun


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