Happy Birthday! Larry Mullen Jr.

Born on this day in 1961, Laurence Joseph Mullen Jr. (aka Larry Mullen Jr.) the Irish musician and actor, best known as the drummer of U2, turns 58. 

In his honor, YOU get to pick the U2 song that airs today at 3:50 pm with Classic Rock on Demand. VOTE HERE (Look for the voting to get underway around 3:30 pm)

Mullen Jr. is credited with forming U2 in 1976. At his school, Mount Temple in Ireland, he put a note on the bulletin board, saying something to the effect of "drummer seeks musicians to form band." 

Bono tells the story below...


Mullen Jr. is also an actor, maybe you saw him playing a thief in Man on the Train, alongside Donald Sutherland.


Muller Jr. has also been involved in numerous philanthropic causes throughout his career, including Amnesty International, and HIV Aids awareness...



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