Celebrating 50 Years Of David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' Album

Released in the UK on this day in 1969, David Bowie is the second studio album by David Bowie. In the US it was released as Man of Words/Man of Music. It wasn't until it was reissued in 1972 it would be renamed after the opening track Space Oddity, which by then had reached No. 5 in the UK Singles chart. To celebrate the 50th anniversary, longtime Bowie pal and producer Tony Visconti has created a 2019 Mix of Space Oddity. You can watch Visconti below listening to the album in 360RA sound.


Also, to celebrate the 50th anniversary, a vinyl version of the album is available which has been randomly distributed worldwide with a mix of hand-numbered labels. Of these, numbers 1 - 1969 will be on silver-colored vinyl and 1970 - 2019 will be on gold-colored vinyl. The remainder will be black. The two colored versions of the vinyl are pictured in the video below.



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