Scientists Looking For 10,000 Pets For Study On Aging Dogs

We have two older dogs in our house, one 14-year old chihuahua and another that's 12. As the father of an Aggie veterinarian, this story piqued my interest because a study born in Austin, Texas has scientists looking for 1000 pets to study aging on dogs, and 500 dogs will test a pill that could actually slow the aging process, called rapamycin. The National Institute on Aging is paying for the $23 million project because dogs and humans share the same environment, get the same diseases and dogs’ shorter lifespans allow quicker research results. According to the study FAQ, enrolled dogs will continue to live and play in their home environments and continue to see their regular veterinarians. Owners of some dogs will also be asked to visit nearby veterinary specialists for certain tests.

To nominate your dog for the Dog Aging Project GO HERE.



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