Hanging with musicians who enjoy great music like I do!!!

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Look. I got a photo with an awesome lead singer and a famous DJ! Ted McKay is a music trivia oracle, and one of my favorite Led Zeppelin fans. Thanks for mentioning me Ted, and thanks for getting the LED out.โ€” withTed McKay.

  • Rhonda BollierSee ted i told you along time ago you were a star and not to shatter that you are awesome and it was a great pleasure to have met you when i was very down
  • Erin Gilmore
  • Erin GilmoreMusic trivia Oracle is RIGHT!!
  • Anne Luhnow Pettit
  • Anne Luhnow PettitI LOVE Ted McKay! He is the GOAT! what a wealth of rock n roll wisdom is he!<3
  • Nancy Wynn 3 of my favorite guyz.... right here and glad your my friends too...
  • Nancy WynnNancy Wynn replied
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  • Rhonda Turner
  • Rhonda TurnerHey Terry and Rich!!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š
  • Ted McKay
  • Ted McKayIt's ALWAYS FUN to hang out with Swan Song...I would really like to sit down with the band and just talk!! All Of Swan Songs' members are very deep when it comes to music so that would be a all day conversation!! Thanks for all you do guys!!


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