These Beatles Tribute Videos, are becoming an online craze...


A lifelong Beatles fan has sparked a social media craze with a series of videos shot in her Brooklyn, New York apartment.

Maris Jones has found her niche with clips showing the evolution of each of The Fab Four. In one, John Lennonmorphs from British Invasion cool through psychedelia and the thoughtfulness of "Imagine."

Her clip saluting George Harrisontakes him from the black-and-white look ofEd Sullivan Show-era Beatlemania to the denim-clad solo brilliance of "All Things Must Pass." 

The 27 year old artist began posting videos on Vine — which closed in 2017. She tells Rolling Stone, "People never saw them again, [they] thought I’d stopped making videos." She re-emerged by uploading clips onto her Instagram, and a month ago, TikTok. She says, "I feel like people are kind of like uncovering me again... It’s definitely a different world."

The impressive clips are shot on a DSLR camera and produced with Final Cut software. She's even added animation, such as the psychedelic flowers that surround Harrison in his clip.


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