Need Work? Thousands Of New Jobs Available Across DFW

Help Wanted Sign

You might not think it would be a good time to find a job in DFW, but you'd be wrong. Businesses are changing the way they operate, creating thousands of new jobs across the Metroplex, especially for delivery workers.

Tom Thumbs and Albertsons are hiring about 4,000 new workers across their 98 DFW locations to fill in-store employee and delivery driver roles.

Kroger has 240 new job listings in the DFW area.

Domino's Pizza is looking to fill 1,800 jobs across DFW, including drivers, managers and customer service reps.

Amazon is hiring 100,000 new roles across the country in fulfillment centers and in its delivery network.

Target is looking to fill 230 jobs in the greater DFW area.

CVS is looking to hire 50,000 additional employees, including store associates, prescription delivery drivers, distribution center employees and member/customer service professionals, and awarding bonuses up to $500 for employees who have to continue to work at physical stores. 

It goes without saying, you must be 100% healthy to gain employment.

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