Who Are The UK’s Richest Musicians?

The Sunday Times just released their annual list of the wealthiest musicians in the U.K. and once again Classic Rockers rule the roost. Sir Paul McCartney is tied with Lord Lloyd Webber as the richest. Sir Elton John, and Sir Mick Jagger round out the Top 5, with George Harrison's family, Keith Richards, Ringo Starr, Sir Rod Stewart, and Sting rounding out the Top 10.

Here's the TOP TEN

1= Lord Lloyd-Webber £800m Down £20m

1= Sir Paul McCartney £800m Up £50m

3 Rihanna £468m New

4 Sir Elton John £360m Up £40m

5 Sir Mick Jagger £285m Up £10m

6= Olivia and Dhani Harrison £270m Up £20m

6= Keith Richards £270m Up £10m

8 Sir Ringo Starr £260m Up £20m

9 Michael Flatley £206m Up £2m

10= Ed Sheeran £200m Up £40m

10= Sir Rod Stewart £200m Up £10m

10= Sting £200m No change

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