Cat Stevens Sings with his Younger Self, in a New Video...

Yusuf Cat Stevens connects with his younger self in his latest video.

He's paired his 2020 vocals on "Father and Son" with those he recorded as a 20-something in an impressive new CGI video. The effect of the two generations of one man duetting is both haunting and uplifting. 

Cat explains, "‘Father and Son’ feels pretty appropriate for what’s going on right now, if you take the father figure as being the establishment. However, I don’t think revolutions are that kind to the previous order; its main objective is to turn it around and to get rid of them. Whereas I don’t personally believe in that; I believe in a kind of a change that would not necessarily destroy everything."

Animator Chris Hopewell adds that Cat "came up with the premise of the two characters living detached, remote lives in the same home and I built the narrative around that. We wanted to get across the frustration that the two generations often feel with each other but them have a coming together and mutual respect at the close."

The rebooted version of Tea for the Tillerman will be released September 18th.

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