James Taylor covers the Beatles in 1970

It was The Beatles who first signed James Taylor to his first recording contract with their Apple Records in the late '60s. So, it was no surprise that JT would tip his hat to the Fab Four by performing "With a Little Help From My Friends" on the BBC's In Concert on November 16th, 1970.

The clip is one of many to come that James has dug out of his archives and posted on his YouTube channel.

He says, "There’s a lot of stuff in the vault from over the years and we’ll rummage around in there -- see what we can find... We’ll do our best to maintain the sharpest photographic clarity and highest fidelity sound quality that modern technology can afford.

"Best perhaps to start at the beginning, so up first are some the songs from a BBC broadcast in the early 1970s. This may not be the earliest film of me performing... but it’s got to be close. We will roll these out one song at a time over the next many weeks. I wish you the joy of it."

Though Taylor only released one album on Apple, he remained close to The Beatles. In 2000,Paul McCartney inducted him into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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