Lenny Kravitz, Interviewed by his cousin, Al Roker...

Ahead of today's release of his memoir, Let Love RuleLenny Kravitz was interviewed by his second cousin, Al Roker, live on the Todayshowthis (Monday) morning. 

“What’s up, cousin?,” the four-time Grammy-winner quipped from his home in the Bahamas, where he’s been quarantining for the past seven months. Roker and the musician’s late mom, Roxie Roker, were first cousins. In fact, Roxie met Kravitz’s dad, Sy, at NBC’s New York studios in Rockefeller Center. He told the third-hour Today hosts he "grew up going there my whole life,“ because his father was an assignment editor and producer for NBC News and his mother was a secretary. 

Kravitz said writing the memoir, which covers the first 25 years of his life, helped him mend some bridges with his dad, who died in 2005. “We had a very challenging relationship, and I got to look at him as a character and not as my father for the first time. I was able to love him more, understand him and really like him for who he was, with his faults, because that’s a story for all of us. We all have faults.”

Kravitz also sounded off on recently sharing his personal phone number on Instagram so he can connect directly with fans. “I am typing with my fingers. There’s no assistants, nobody doing it but me, so anybody that’s heard from me is hearing from me.” He also revealed that he’s been working on new music during his tropical lockdown and plans on releasing something "very soon.”

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