Elton John; Another one from the Jewel Box. This time from 1968

Elton John is giving you another look inside his new career-spanning collection, Jewel Boxwith the release of "I Can’t Go on Living Without You."

With lyrics credited to Bernie Tapuin but written by Elton, it was recorded in the spring of 1968 at Dick James Music studios in London.

The song was one of six selected for the U.K.’s Eurovision Song Contest the following year. Lulu sang the song, as well as the other five, on her BBC1 TV show, Happening For Lulu, on February 1st, 1969. It was put up for a public vote, but came in sixth.

“Back then, Eurovision wasn’t quite the orgy of embarrassment it is now," wrote Elton in Me, his 2019 memoir. "But still, it wasn’t like Pink Floyd and Soft Machine were queuing up to get involved."

Elton: Jewel Box --a collection of 148 rarities, lesser-known B-Sides, deep cuts and more, all chosen by Elton -- will be out Friday.

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