Wolfgang Van Halen's "Distance" dedicated to his Dad.

Wolfgang Van Halen has released his debut solo single under the moniker Mammoth WVH, “Distance.” Wolfie has dedicated the track to his father, late Van Halen legend Eddie Van Halen.

As you’ll recall,Eddie died last month at age 65. In a new interview, Wolfie says he’s “thankful” for Eddie’s cancer treatment, since he “got three more years”of quality time with his usually-busy rockstar dad. As Eddie struggled with his health, Wolfie says he “imagined what life would be like without him” and how “terribly” he’s miss his dad… which he’s put into music.

All the proceeds from his new song “Distance” to Eddie’s favorite charity, The Mr. Holland Opus Foundation.Check out the song and music video to the right.

Source: Jam Base

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