AC/DC Powers Up a Huge Thank You to the Fans!

Brian Johnson says AC/DC are "overwhelmed" by the reaction to their new album, PWR/UP, adding that all they wanted to do was make their late bandmate Malcolm Young" proud."

He posted a videoshot in his Florida home in which he says they are working on a virtual video for the album's next single.

"The thing is, none of us have ever done this before, so it's gonna be brilliant, standing like a tit, by yourself, miming on a microphone because you know that we're miming, and we know that you know that we know that you know that we're miming, but still — it's gonna be fun. Angus [Young] is gonna be playing down in Sydney, Phil's [Rudd] gonna be whacking the drums in New Zealand, and Cliff's [Williams] gonna be paddling away. He might even come up to join me, 'cause he's not too far down the road. And Stevie [Young] somewhere in England, I don't know. We hope to put an exciting video together."

No word yet on what the next single will be.

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