Lindsey Buckingham, Doing it His Own Way...

Lindsey Buckingham returned to performing with an50-minute long livestream showfrom his home studio on Saturday.

He opened up to viewers about his most troubling hardships, saying, “We had a difficult year with all that's gone on -- some might say a difficult four years. I think that from my personal experiences of the last few years -- my separation from Fleetwood Mac, having a bypass after that, and then, of course, the pandemic -- it's been a series of events that I didn't see coming, and certainly we've all have had to deal with these things in our own way. All I can say is that I truly believe that what's coming in the next few years is going to make total sense out of what has been, and it's going to be very healing for all of us.”

Buckingham performed nine songs, including the instrumental "Stephanie" off of 1973'sBuckingham-Nicksalbum. This was also his first public performance since the heart surgery last year.

He says he hopes to be on the road by the end of next summer.

At Home With Lindsey Buckingham set list:

  1. "Bleed to Love Her"
  2. "Trouble"
  3. "Shut Us Down"
  4. "Never Going Back Again"
  5. "Go Insane"
  6. "Big Love"
  7. "Stephanie"
  8. "I'm So Afraid"
  9. "Go Your Own Way"

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