KISS Rock Dubai

KISS rang in 2021 with a pay-per-view showfrom Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

They did the same set that they've been doing all along on theirEnd of the Roadtour, but with a few adjustments.

They added "Strutter" to the encores to stretch the set to the New Year countdown.

And, because Dubai is very conservative when it comes to profanities, insults and obscene acts, Gene Simmons didn't do his blood-spitting routine, and they had to change the lyrics to two songs.

In "100,000 Years," the second line, "It must have been a bitch while I was gone" was changed to "Must have been a trip while I was gone."

And, in "God of Thunder," instead of Simmons singing "I was born on Olympus," he sang, "I was born with a fever." And, instead of "Will slowly rob you of your virgin soul," he went with, "Will slowly rob you of your sacred gold."

One other footnote, which no doubt Simmons will add to his list of brags about the band's achievements, the show set broke the Guinness world record for highest flame projection in a music concert with 114 feet, and for most flame projections launched simultaneously at a concert with 73.

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