David Bowie Covers the Who.... While Pete Townshend Helps out in 1980.

Sunday marked the fifth anniversary of the death of David Bowie(January 10th, 2016) from liver cancer at the age of 69.

Pete Townshend, who first met Bowie when he was Davey Jones, spoke to BBC 6 Musicabout his friend. Even though he was sorry that cancer took his life, he's glad he didn't end up like some of music's other casualties.

Despite having known him since the '60s, Townshend said they really didn't become real friends until the early '80s.

Bowie was a fan of Townshend's songwriting, having recorded a number of his songs such as "I Can't Explain," "Pictures of Lily," "So Sad About Us" and "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere."

And Townshend also played on some of Bowie's songs, including "Because You're Young" and "Slow Burn."

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