Ronnie James Dio's Black Sabbath Albums Getting the Reissue Treatment...

Black Sabbath is honoring Ronnie James Dio’s legacy with two reissues. The first two Dio-era Black Sabbath albums, 1980’s “Heaven and Hell” and 1981’s “Mob Rules,” are getting deluxe reissues this year.

“Heaven and Hell” makes Dio’s debut with the band, and the expanded edition includes live versions “Children of the Sea” and “Heaven and Hell,” along with rare live recordings from the early 80s. The set also includes a new 2021 mix of the “Mob Rules” title track, along with the soundtrack to the cult animated film “Heavy Metal” which the single was featured on.

The deluxe editions of “Heaven and Hell” are due for release on March 5th. Pre-order the “Heaven and Hell” release HERE,and the “Mob Rules” reissue HERE.

Source: Consequence of Sound

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