Introducing Courteney Cox, the Rapper!

Courteney Cox is trying her hand at the rap game – alongside another famous rapper. Both Cox and Idris Elba make appearances in Connor Price’s new song “Courteney Cox,” which, as you can tell from the title, pays tribute to his favorite actress and childhood crush.

The Canadian rapper’s star-studded track came about when he responded to Elba’s rap challenge on Instagram. Price’s freestyle caught Elba’s eye, they cooked something up in the studio together, and then they sent it to Cox, who was “curious” enough about the song all about her that she ended up hopping on the track herself!

In the music video for song, Cox “crashes” Elba and Price’s collab to confront Price about some of the lyrics, namely: “Cougar flirting with me, call her Courteney Cox.” She wraps up the track with her own rap verse, which is a total mic-dropper.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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