Could Cleveland Get their "Rocks" Off Soon?

With Major League Baseball's Cleveland franchise dropping the nickname Indians after being criticized for perpetuating Native American stereotypes, execs are in search of a new one.

Among the suggestions are Rockers, which was the name of the city's former WNBA franchise, and Rocks. Both of these are in reference to Cleveland being the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the late DJ Alan Freed popularizing the genre on his show in Cleveland in the '50s.

And of course there's Ian Hunter's "Cleveland Rocks." The 1979 song is the city's unofficial anthem, and has been used by many of its sports teams. It was also the theme song of The Drew Carey Show, which was set in Cleveland.

Hunter says, "It would be an honor, but I think it ranks around sixth on the list, so I’m not holding my breath on this one."

Other names being considered include Spiders, Blues, Gladiators, Guardians, Buckeyes, Naps, Great Lakes, Lakers, Municipals, Wild Things and the Cleveland Baseball Club.

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