Matthew McConaughey Stars as Flat Matt in Super Bowl Doritas Ad

Queen's "I Want to Break Free" provides the soundtrack to a new Doritos commercial starring actor Matthew McConaughey as Flat Matthew.

Plugging the snack-maker's new 3D chip, McConaughey appears in 2D and says he's not feeling like himself. He's then shown struggling through everyday chores, including an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live before coming across a vending machine stocked with Doritos' new 3D chips. He slides himself inside, takes a bite, and, boom, he returns to 3D and gets stuck in the machine.

The commercial will air during Super Bowl 55 Sunday on CBS.

This is the second commercial to currently feature the 1984 Queen song. The other is Norwegian Cruise Line.

The video for “I Want to Break Free” recently surpassed 500-million views onYouTube.

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