Wolfgang's Mammoth WVH Track Listing Tease... album out soon.

Wolfgang Van Halen has announced the track listingfor his debut album, MAMMOTH WVH.

There are 14 songs starting with "Mr. Ed," a tribute to his late father, Eddie Van Halen, and not TV's talking horseof the same name.

The album also contains the first single, "Distance," which he released last year, as well as the forthcoming one, "You're to Blame." The remaining 11 are:

  1. Horribly Right
  2. Epiphany
  3. Don't Back Down
  4. Resolve
  5. You'll Be the One
  6. Mammoth
  7. Circles
  8. The Big Picture
  9. Think it Over
  10. Feel
  11. Stone

Mammoth is a tribute to Van Halen as that was the band's name before Eddie and brother Alex decided to use their last name.

The album will be out in the spring.

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