Was KISS Copying the Beatles' TV Performance moves from 10 Years Earlier?

KISS have always said that The Beatles were among the bands that influenced them.

And while you can hear it in some of their songs, you wouldn't think the same about their stage shows. After all, The Beatles never wore make-up, blew pyrotechnics or spit blood.

But a 1974 appearance on ABC In Concert-- posted Sunday on the KISS website -- shows them mimicking some of the Fab Four's stage moves.

For example, Gene Simmons, like John Lennon, bops in place while singing.

Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley share one microphone for background vocals, with Stanley shaking his head from side-to-side while singing like Paul McCartney, especially after hitting a high note.

Peter Criss does his best Ringo Starr impression, shaking his head while playing drums.

And, they also lined up on stage the same way with Simmons on bass on the left like McCartney, rhythm guitarist Stanley on the right like Lennon, and lead guitarist Frehley in the middle like George Harrison.

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