Elon Musks' SpaceX Starship, Explodes After Landing...

It was all good...until it wasn’t yesterday, but SpaceX is getting closer to successfully landing its Starship spacecraft. The space company completed a high-altitude test of the rocket and landed it back on the launchpad in Texas.

It looked like a totally successful landing, however, minutes after touching down the rocket blew up. The company’s two previous tests ended with the rocket exploding as it tried to land. SpaceX plans for the Starship spacecraft to conduct missions to Mars in the next few years.

Meanwhile, SpaceX had a very successful Falcon 9 rocket launch this morning – it had been held off since Sunday due to weather. The rocket is carrying a payload of 60 Starlink satellites that will eventually form a global network of high-speed Internet.

  • NOTE: The live feed of the SpaceX Starship launch had already concluded yesterday when the explosion occurred. Fortunately, SpaceX fans were nearby and caught everything.

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