The Music Industry has a message for the Music Educators. "Thank You!"

Steve WinwoodNile Rodgers, Steely Dan's Donald Fagan and more are among the artists who have lent their voices to a new video thanking music educators and administrators for all they’ve done during the very challenging past year. 

The aim to the video is to lift the spirits of those teachers who worked so hard last year, and to encourage them to “keep the music playing,”

"Music in the schools is the most important thing that you can ever do…can ever teach,” Nile shares, “…the most important thing to me that you can ever experience.” Winwood adds, “It looks like there’s no easy answer to these times. We have to keep the music going…with the necessary constraints, we will get more quickly back to normality.”

  • Other artists featured in the video include Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, Paul Schaffer, John Rich, Rosanne Cash, and the late Chick Corea, who shot his part before his February 9thdeath.Check out the video to the right.

Source: U Discover Music

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