Van Halen and the Circle's, Michael Anthony Talks VH Box Set?

There is talk of a Van Halen career-spanning box set.

Appearing on TheJeremy WhitePodcast, the band's original bassist Michael Anthonysays, "I know Warner [Brothers] has brought up the question, would we like to do that... Obviously, it all happens after Eddie[Van Halen] passed, and it's, like, 'Hey, let's cash in on this and that or whatever,' which I don't want any part of that…

"But I know there has been some talk about doing a box set and redoing some stuff, but I think it's kind of in the early works, and nobody's really talked that much about it yet. But I'm sure, and I also hope, that that will happen."

As for remixing and remastering their albums, Anthony says, "It's tough with Ed not being here, to be able to go in, as far as doing anything with the guitar, which you really don't need to, because his guitar sound is always incredible. But I'm sure, at some point, we'll get together possibly with Alex[Van Halen] and maybe Ed's son Wolfgang and do something like that. I think it'd be a great thing to do."

The last Van Halen career-spanning release was 2004'sThe Best of Both Worlds.

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