Beck "Re-Imagines" Paul McCartney Tune

Beck is one of the artists that remixed a song from Paul McCartney's III album for the upcoming III Imagined, and he was inspired by a night they went dancing!

Beck wrote an email to fans, which reads, "I remember hanging out with Paul and his wife Nancy several years ago and Nancy mentioned that she wanted to go out dancing before calling it a night. We ended up at some club in West Hollywood and I remember noticing that Paul and Nancy were TEARING IT UP -- really enjoying themselves more than anyone else on the dance floor. Last year when he asked me to remix ["Find My Way"], I remembered that night and wanted to try to recapture that amazing spirit I felt while watching him on the dance floor… Sort of my little tribute to Paul 'in his groove.'"

Beck added that he used his Hofner bass when working on the track, inspired by McCartney's legendary Beatles instrument.

Check out the remixed "Find My Way" on YouTubenow. III Imagined is out April 16th.

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