Ann and Nancy Wilson Has New, Separate Solo Material...

Ann Wilson has released her fourth new song in seven months.

Titled "Black Wing," she saysit "talks poetically about a river and a seabird cruising above it, riding the air currents. The bird is a free spirit apart from what goes on below ... soaring over the landscape below and bringing news of the crazy world to the watcher who is cut off from civilization."

Adding that she "sometimes felt that way during Quarantine!," she goes onto say that it reminds her of something she would have "written in 1977 ('Dream of the Archer') or in 2010 ('Safronia’s Mark'). It’s got a gypsy, folk/rock feel to it superimposed over a tribal groove."

All of these new songs, "Black Wing," "The Hammer," "Tender Heart" and her cover of Steve Earle's "The Revolution Starts Now," will be released at some point this year on a digital EP titled8.

And finally, she says she will do a mini-tour in Florida in June that "may lead to a much larger tour."

Nancy Wilson has released a video for the title track of her new album, You and Me, which will be out on May 7th.

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