Queen; The Greatest Early Years...

Queen have posted EpisodeFourof their YouTube series, The Greatest, in celebration of their 50th anniversary.

By the end of 1974 they had enjoyed success in the singles charts, released three albums and were established as a headlining act in the U.K.

Then, in support of the third album, Sheer Heart Attack, they hit the road in Scandinavia. While in Helsinki, Finland on November 25th, 1974 they held a press conference, which in addition the usual array of journalists, TV and radio folks was 12-year old Juha Kakkuri.

He called their record label asking if he can get their autographs and was invited to attend the conference and to interview the band.

Commenting 47 years later, Juha says, “The interesting thing is that the first band member I interviewed was Freddie. I mean I didn’t know he was the lead singer, he could have been the bass player or the drummer. But I happened to interview Freddie first and during my career in radio I’ve met a lot of big stars -- Robbie Williams. Rolling Stones, people like that. But still I think that nothing can top the experience that the first person you have interviewed, at the age of 12, is Freddie Mercury.”

You can hear the interview in Episode Four of The Greatest. And the rest of the Greatest HERE!

Ironically, that was the only time Queen performed in Finland with Freddie.

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