Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl's "Eazy Sleazy"

Mick Jagger's new song, "Eazy Sleazy," recorded with Dave Grohl, was written last month.

He tells Rolling Stone, "I wrote the lyrics really quickly: Just the pandemic and hopefully coming out of the pandemic; the-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel chorus. It sounded really good and I thought, 'You gotta put it out now because it’s not gonna be any good in three or six months.'

"It’s a reflection on the last year; the physical and mental strains put on society. The whole year, we’ve been doing this and going through different emotions through it and having false starts and stops and openings and closings. End of last summer, everything seemed to be going well and people were out and about and great and then, especially in Europe, everything’s shut down again and you haven’t had any kind of social interaction. It’s a long time for people to have to endure that. [Also] the deep psychological ramifications of it on people and children not going to school and not socializing. We don’t know what they’re really going to be [long-term]."

And, as far as having Grohl play on it, Jagger says, "I knew Dave and [Foo Fighters] just put out an album so I knew he got that out of the way. I phoned Dave up and said, 'Would you be interested?' He said, 'I’m really bored! I want to do it. I want to work!' I said, 'Fine, I’ll send you the song.' It was all done quite quickly. Dave likes it ’cause it rocks hard. I like to rock hard, too, so it feels good in that way..."

Jagger, who has been fully vaccinated, adds that he hasn't had a hard time dealing with being locked down. "It wasn’t what I wanted, but I was able to deal with it because I was lucky enough to be able to have these nice places to hole up in. But not everyone does." He has homes in England, France and the Caribbean.

"Eazy Sleazy" is Jagger's third single in five years following “England Lost” and “Gotta Get a Grip” in 2017.

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